In a blink of an eye

June 5, 2018


I'm back friends. Back to share a piece of my heart. 


The last blog post I wrote was in SEPTEMBER! So much has happened since then. Brett and I were sitting down last night talking about life and how quickly it changes. In a blink of an eye your life can be turned upside down: for the better or for worse. 


Regardless, it changes, and changes fast. 


When I first started this blog almost a year ago my vision and intentions were completely different. I realized I was losing focus and my energy was being diverted. To me, a blog should be an outlet to share with the world your heart. I was trying to put myself in a box. A very boring and uninspiring box. 



So this is my promise to you: I will share what I love, who I love, and why I'm here. I will share with you my purpose in life. I will be raw, real, and unashamed. It won't always be heavy, because I don't think we should take ourselves too seriously and there's beauty in simple things. 



I recently asked my friend Sara to take some family photos of us at our favorite place to be. I haven't been diligent in documenting our life and phases we go through. While I believe we should always live in the moment, and put down our phones to simply soak it in, I also realize the importance in saving those moments in ways that can be passed down for generations. I don't ever want to forget Belen's toothless smile at 7 years old and the way her face lights up when she finds a new creature or beautiful shell on the beach. I don't want to forget how instantly excited Kellen gets as soon as he hears the word "beach" or the way his chubby feet looks running in the sand. The way Brett smiles, comes alive, and relaxes when he's in his happy place with his family. We truly believe the beach is nature's playground and one of God's gifts for us to enjoy on Earth. 


I hope you're soaking up life friends. I hope you're not blinking.


Many thanks to Sara Dasher Photography for capturing these gorgeous family photos that I will absolutely treasure forever!








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