Life changes

July 13, 2017


I look at my daughter every day and in her I see a little version of myself. I see her and I see a fierce, tenacious little girl ready to take on the world one day. I see her and I also see every closed door, challenge, disappointment, heartache, obstacle, and fears she will have to face. I can't protect her from those things, but what I CAN do is provide her the opportunities to grow, teach her the skills in order to be disciplined, work hard, and persevere. 2017 is a scary time. I'm not going to get into all of the "why" because unless you've been living under a rock, you know. It's especially scary as a parent.



One of the ways I feel like I am preparing my children, especially my daughter, for this hard, cold, and scary world we live in, is simply living by example. I choose to smile every day. I choose to dwell on what gives me joy and spreads joy to others. I work hard, play harder, and surround myself with individuals that exude positivity and share my same core values. When I was a teacher for five years, I had that network of like-minded compassionate people around me nearly every day. We poured our heart and souls into our careers while serving our community. We loved each child as if they were our own. It was uplifting and encouraging on those days that were hard (which believe me- there were lots of those days) to have a teammate right there to help set my mind straight again. It was incredibly scary for me to make the leap of faith and leave this career. Ultimately, I made the decision for my family. As a military spouse and mother of two little ones, I needed a change that allowed for more flexibility. I now work from home as a virtual assistant and still manage my personal business and now my blog. One thing I knew I would be missing however, is that incredible network of support. 



When one door closes, another one opens. I was given the opportunity to join Savannah Influencers and it has already played such a major role in my life. The women in this group are not only highly intelligent, talented, and go-getters, but they also have a heart to help our community. We have chosen to partner with SAFE Shelter  as our primary organization to assist. I encourage you, especially if you live in the Savannah or surrounding areas, to do your research on this organization. SAFE shelter exists to protect and assist victims of domestic violence. They have been located in the area for over thirty years! The resources SAFE shelter provides go well beyond having a safe place to stay.



Having taken that leap of faith and made all of those life changes, I have more doors open to me now than ever before. I have even more zest for life and I can not stop smiling. I am ever so grateful for each day given to me. Life is definitely crazy right now, but in such a glorious way. 


I encourage you to embrace those life changes. Take them head on. Make a difference. Spread joy. Most of all, live your life to the fullest. It truly is what you decide to make it. 

Photography: Brooke Roberts

Skirt: RMC Boutique

Stylist: Megan Fowler

Location: The Paris Market 




Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a small commission. 

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